About Me

I feel humbled that you clicked that button. Sincerely. I know how busy life is and the chaos around us that seems to swallow up all of our hours in the day. So I won't take up too much of your time! This is the part of a website where I tell you I prefer sweatpants over skinny jeans, sweet over salty, dogs over cats. etc. It's true. Put on any movie with a canine story line and you'll see me become a bucket of tears and hear my kids chuckle as I hide behind a pillow. I feel all the feels (times a thousand...sorry babe) and that's why soft, heather grey, hit-below-the-crotch sweats are my go-to (who wants to feel suffocated while voluntarily suffering through a puppy-dog flick?) and dark chocolate is a form of therapy for me. I'm also a: political junkie, crocheter of all the things, and a person who could literally play games for a 24-hour period. I need two things to breathe: oxygen, and music. And pouring out my soul onto paper keeps me sane. 

I'm also a dreamer. My amazing husband and I are go-big-or-go home kind of people. Dreams, however, float to the back burner when there are littles running around your house (and getting into everything... *sigh*). I feel called to be a mom first and foremost. These adorable kiddos are not mine--they are on loan for a time from my Heavenly Father. But I have a whole heart and head bursting with stuff to share and these things are slowly finding it's way onto my computer screen during the sacred naptime. 

I am fighter for those who have been in the grip of mental illness; I am a warrior for women who feel stuck in life and less than; I am a lover of a sweet Savior Who gave His life willingly for me. And I hope to be your friend and trusted source in this crazy world we live in. 

Much Love,

Julie <3